Alice Smithson - Actor


chat1On stage playing Angelique, the feisty young Daughter, in an english language adaptation of Molière's play, The Hyphochondriac. A comedic role that suited my capabities well. Typical Father trying to marry off his Daughter to someone she does not love and thinking he would win the battle of wits. The dialogue with my step mother was particulary sharp and pointed. Though I do have to say the enema machine section stole the show for the best laughs.






Also Costumed Character acting as various characters at Peppa Pig World. I enjoy projecting the character I am portraying to the audience through mime, as the characters are not allowed to speak. Each character is very different and it is surprisingly hard to ensure the audience is happy with the interpretation of each of their favorite characters. Peppa and George all the way to a Starfish.






a Scrunchie Theatre Company Production

An innovative play devised and performed by Alice Smithson and Laura Hills-Leigh, two BA(hons) Acting graduates from UCLAN university. This gripping performance encompasses an unusual use of multi-roles and multi-media to create a thrilling and fast-paced drama.

Some patients experience hallucinations, often of voices ridiculing them and may have delusions that they have been responsible for a horrific catastrophe’. How can we understand the intricacies of a clinically unstable mind, when we ourselves are volatile and unbalanced ?

This intense play follows the traumatic experiences of a mother left drowning in the wake of her daughter's disappearance. The gripping narrative hurtles the audience through the devastating events leading up to her disappearance, portraying the struggles endured by the pair as they fight against the daughter's mental instability. As the tension builds, the characters and the audience become desperate to understand what’s occurring before them. The play is a stark portrait of mental instability where reality crashes with imagination. Fresh truths are revealed about the destructive and chaotic complexities of the human mind.

This play will be performed as part of the Preston Tringe Festival, Preston's first fringe festival. 8 & 9 September, 7pm at Preston Arts & Media Centre, Fox Street, Preston. Tickets £3 on the door.

This year Preston Tringe coincides with the Preston Guild 2012 celebrations. For more information about Preston Tringe visit their website

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